“Speak what you seek, until you see what you said”.

1987 – Born.

1990 – Swimming in swim meets at the age of 3. Thanks Mom. – My first experience with competition.

1991 – Won my first blue ribbon – The second experience with competition.

1993 – Learned to fish in the UP of Michigan – My first lesson in persistence. 

1995 – Got my first pair of Jason Kidd basketball shoes – My first experience with branding.

1997 – Played on a co-ed basketball team – My first experience that women are equal.

1999 – Had to wear uniforms to school – My second lesson in branding. 

2004 – Had to sit out a basketball game for cheating on a test – My first lesson in honesty. 

2005 – Graduated High School and attended SMU to play basketball. 

2006 – Rode the bench at SMU – My second experience in persistence. 

2007 – Headed South in pursuit of Happy! – My first experience in following your heart. 

2009 – Got my first bike – My first experience in exploration. 

2011 – Competed in my first triathlon – One of many experiences in being humbled. 

2013 – Failed to launch Living Fit Dallas (magazine) – My first experience in entrepreneurship. 

2014 – Took a desk job – My first lesson in “Do What Makes You Happy”

2015 – Worked as VP of Operations for a start up company – My second lesson in entrepreneurship. 

2016 –  Founded The CT Agency – My third lesson in entrepreneurship. 

Now – “Without conflict, there is no story”. All great stories entertain or create some sort of emotional response.

As a branding guru, it is my responsibility to live and create this as much as possible.