Cozymels Mexican Restaurant on Effective Email Marketing

A designed email gets sent to users through ZenReach. Zenreach helps you set up a free WiFi hotspot for your customers—complete with a custom-branded login portal in your look and feel.  As your guests join your WiFi, you automatically build a customer list complete with visit history, social media, demographics and contact info. This is great for gauging if your campaigns are ACTUALLY working.  

Let’s take a look at how this works!

Step 1: A new or existing customer walks through your door. They log onto your Wifi and BOOM, you have their information.
Step 2: Now that we have our customers information, we can email them through Zenreach informing them about Easter Brunch or any other promotion we are running at that time. 


Step 3. The user receives this email, opens it, and returns to the restaurant. Because they use our dedicated WiFI we can gauge if our campaign has worked and who has walked through the door after opening the email. 
Collected emails from new customers last month.

 334 people have opened our emails and walked through the door in the past 31 days.

The Results!

Over $7,000 more a month in revenue

from marketing efforts alone.